Unveiling the big surprise!

For the last few weeks, I’ve been promising you a big surprise concerning my tarot business called “Les Arcanes de Morrigann” (“Morrigann’s Arcana”). The time has finally come to put an end to the mystery and to reveal what you and I have been waiting for for what seems to be eternity… but isn’t waiting always long when you crave for something?

In the next few days, the website will undergo a few changes and updates which will fully reveal to you what has been going on. Indeed, I expect you will be as delighted as I am to see the two wonderful brand-new logos hand-drawn by Lisa Hunt especially for me! 

No, your eyes are not deceiving you: I put the design of the visual identity of my tarot business into the hands of this wonderful and extremely talented artist whom I admire ever since I started collecting tarot and oracle decks. The fineness of her art and the atmospheres she creates have always fascinated me. That is why when I decided to take a new step in the development of my tarot business, asking her to be part of this project came to my mind as something obvious and natural. I knew she accepted this kind of work for I had seen a few samples of what she had done on her Facebook page, so I decided to ask her whether she would accept creating logos for me.

Wonder what it is like to work with Lisa Hunt on such a project? Read on!

The idea that started it all

Before writing to Lisa, I wanted to be sure of what I wanted, or at least have a precise idea of the kind of elements I wanted to include in the logos to depict my identity. Thinking about the main aspects of my activities and about the ideas I try to convey, it was obvious that a fan of cards would be present, as well as a Triple Moon, for this symbol means a lot to me. I also wanted ivy to be an important part of the logo, for I love this plant both for what it looks like and for what it symbollically stands for.

That is when another idea came to me: why have only one logo when you can have two? I like complementary items, and thought it would be nice if I could insist on this aspect too. The first logo was to be connected to the moon, to hidden and invisible things and to the night, so I thought that the sun and its creative energy could also be represented here. That is how I got the idea of a second logo, complementary to the first one, that would picture a Green Man. This mythical figure also means a lot to me, and its connections with the sun and its energy seemed perfect to match with the moon.

The creative process

Once I had my two logos in mind, I wrote to Lisa and described how I was seeing them, and she welcome my project with heartfelt enthusiasm. As I expected, her inspiration and suggestions contributed to creating the two wonders you are about to discover. More than this, her ideas even led to better results than what I expected and the logos were closer to what I wanted than I could have imagined! 

When both ideas were clearly defined, Lisa hand-drew several sketches for each logo. Then we discussed the sketches and she was very attentive to my suggestions for modification. So she very quickly came up with the final versions, which are even more beautiful than what I had in mind. She then turned them into beautiful watercolors. I was deeply moved when she revealed them to me for it was my first contact with the new visual identity of my tarot business. Here again, Lisa was able to catch and materialize what I had in mind, and once again, she did it beyond my expectations! Of course, I approved both logos right away so they would be finalized.

Finalizing the project

Once these works of art were complete, they still had to be treated so that they could be used on the Internet and on business cards, flyers, etc. That is when Kort, Lisa’s husband, took over and spend a lot of time working on them. As a web-designer and an artistic director, he is an expert in this kind of task, and all I can tell you is that he did a great job! The result is just perfect and I haven’t had any difficulty in using the files!

A dream come true

Had I been told a few years ago that Lisa would be part of this wonderful adventure and would put her magic into it, I would not have believed it. There are no words to say how happy and proud I am! I feel extremely lucky and honored that such a talented artist drew and painted two fantastic works of art such as these just for me! To give you an idea of what it is like, I feel as if Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan or Dolly Parton had written a song just for me! Can you imagine that?

The logos

Well… you have been waiting for long enough, now… So here are my two wonders! First the Triple Moon, then the Green Man:

Les Arcanes de Morrigann

Les Arcanes de Morrigann: Logo Greenman


Needless to say, both logos are my property and are not to be used for any purpose other than promoting “Les Arcanes de Morrigann”.


My warmest thanks go to Lisa Hunt, for her heartfelt enthusiasm, her kindness, her talent and the time she spent on my project. She was always present when I had questions and she took the time to discuss everything so that her work would be as precise as possible. However busy she was, she never made me feel it and she always punctuated our conversations with kind words.

I also want to thank Kort, who worked very hard to transform the watercolors into high-quality files so I can now use them on the Internet and on various documents.

Of course, my new business cards, flyers and all are already on their way to me and I cannot wait to have them in my hands! If everything goes according to plan, they should be here before the end of the week…

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2 commentaires

  1. Les deux logos son superbes!

    C’est génial que cette incroyable artiste vienne embellir ton activité de cette façon, j’en suis heureux pour toi.

    Au plaisir de te revoir, chère professeur 🙂

    • Coucou Fabien! 🙂

      Merci pour ton message! Je suis heureuse de partager cette joie avec toi! C’est un merveilleux rêve qui est devenu réalité!

      Au plaisir de te retrouver!
      À très bientôt,

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