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Last week was such a wonderful week! Not only are great things going on (which I will tell you more about when the time is right; I am so excited!), but on top of that, I was so delighted on Friday when I received a package from Lisa Hunt!

Inside the envelope were gorgeous gifts, which you can contemplate in the picture above: the two original watercolors that this immensely talented artist painted when she designed the logos for Les Arcanes de Morrigann, and a beautiful card with a sweet handwritten note. My emotion was intense when I unpacked those wonders: I felt so honored to have two Lisa Hunt originals in my hands! Indeed, I have always admired her work, and now that I know her thanks to the magic of the Internet, I admire her and her artwork even more! I cannot get tired of looking closely at the details, the brushstrokes, the beauty and fluidity of the lines, the wide range of colors, the fineness of the compositions…


Les Arcanes de Morrigann: Lisa Hunt postcard and logo watercolors


These priceless gifts, which are among my most precious treasures, are not only the perfect example of how talented Lisa is, but also of how generous she is. She has a heart of gold and loves to share what she does, which is always an enchantment for those who follow her work and projects. Her sincerity and the magic she weaves into everything she does can be felt at all levels in her artwork, and the pleasure and fun she had in creating these magnificent logos are present in each line and in each brushstroke that can be seen in the paintings.

My deepest thanks go to Lisa, who accepted to weave her magic and her fairy tale style into my professional activity, thus becoming part of the whole adventure. Words fail me to express how grateful I am for this wonderful gift! It really means a lot to me!

Since a picture says a thousand words, what would be better, then, than letting the two amazing watercolors speak for themselves? 


Les Arcanes de Morrigann: Aquarelle logo Triple Lune Lisa Hunt


Les Arcanes de Morrigann: Aquarelle logo Green Man Lisa Hunt


If you like Lisa Hunt’s artwork or wish to discover what she does, make sure to visit her official website, where you will learn more about her and her work. Do not hesitate to contact her for orders, for she offers a wide range of beautiful treasures: waterwolors, pencil drawings, signed decks… and more! You may also preorder the enchanting Fairy Tale Lenormand, which will be released this summer. A unique gift for a dear one or for yourself!

Wish to follow the projects she is working on? To see work-in-progress drawings and paintings? To have the opportunity to win beautiful prizes and gifts? Join her Facebook group! And do not forget to follow her on Twitter and Instagram too!

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